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A Few Questions From the Osborne Lights at Disney


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Hello, I have two questions that I was left with after seeing the Osborne lights this year, first, is anybody able to identify the lights that I will attach in a looping video? They are Bi-color 5mm wide angle bulbs that alternate between red and green, I have searched many sites including the one where they purchase most of the lights from ( S4 Lights ) with little results. I'm sure that they are custom made however I wondering if anybody knows of anything similar out there for purchase. The lights are on the building to the right or the screen:


The other question that i was left with is in regards to the controllers, they are using the DIO boards to control Solid State relays with incandescent bulbs (to make the led's dim more naturally). I found out that the only kind of relay that can dim is the random crossing type however the relays in this rare picture of the controller that I took (attached) don't look like any of the random crossing relays that I've seen online. Any ideas?  :huh: eWsKHPP.jpg

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