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Hi there! My husband bought the LOR 16 channel starter kit last year and I didn't have enough time to figure it out then. So, here I am trying again. Honestly, it is quite complex for me, but to just see if everything is working right I have created a sequence. I just set every channel to "on". However, when I click on play within sequence editor- none of the lights come on. I am doing something wrong? I have tested the lights through "LOR Hardware" and they will come on when tested, so I'm confident that power,etc works.  Any suggestions will help! Thanks in advance.

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(1) Have you set up your network configuration (using the Network Preferences program)?


(2) Have you set up the channels to use specific networks/units/circuits (in the Sequence Editor)?


Basically, number (1) is telling Light-O-Rama something like "When I say that a channel is on the Regular network, I mean it is using the COM port COM3".  And number (2) is telling Light-O-Rama "This channel is on the Regular network" and stuff like that.  Both have to be done in order for the Sequence Editor to know what specific string of lights it should turn on when it knows that some particular channel in the sequence is supposed to be on.

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