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Creating a Medley Question


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Just getting going, and I'd like to create a medley using shorter parts of several songs - do I need to purchase modifiable sequences, or are the ready to go editable for length?





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You have to purchase the songs, but all are usually editable if you have a music editor.   Been modifying my MP3's for years to cut their length down or merge them together as a medley, although I've never used any of the medleys in a sequence.   Prefer to have independent sequence from the shortened version of the original song.


I've edited songs down from 5 minutes to less than a minute, some i edited down to be 30-45 seconds in length for background music for announcements.


So yes, you can do it, you'll need a program {FREE} like Audacity to do it.    I don't use it, so don't know much about it, I use a commercial program I bought eons ago, long before I ever knew about or got into the Light-O-Rama hardware/software products.

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The 'Ready to Go' sequences can not be modified. Yes, the audio can from outside sources, but the events that make up the sequence can not be seen nor modified.


You would need to order "You can Modify" sequences if you want to edit the events within the sequence.

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