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CRASH: SSS Crashes when loading this visualization pair


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These 2 visualization files cause SSS to crash if you click anywhere inside where the grid is supposed to be.


Loading the visualization files causes the grid to not be displayed and if you click anywhere that the grid should be, it crashes immediately. Also the visualization does not get drawn. I generated both visualization files from LOR Visualizer.


The "2015 Visualization.lee" is the visualizer and the "2015 Visualization SSS Order.lee" is the SSS order file.


Well, I would upload the files, but it will only allow me 20.5kb of upload as an attachment... suggestions on how to get the files to you?




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You can email them to brian@superstarlights.com

If you have winzip you can zip them up first

I will have time to look at them late tonight

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I tried using the visualization files you sent me. After importing superstar comes up with a blank screen. Technically that is not a crash, but it fails to import the visualizations.


If I import "2015 Visualization.lee" by itself it succeeds.


If I import "2015 Visualization SSS Order.lee" by itself it fails. I won't have time this year to figure out why it fails.


For this year I would suggest using "2015 Visualization.lee" by itself.

In the "Import Visualization" dialog box set sequencing grid "Max Length" to 80 and select Vertical

Then the large grids for your trees will be oriented the same as your trees.

Also, click on the View menu and select "Floating Windows" then you can resize the grid and visualization.


The green squares for your other lights are to the right of your megatrees. I know you would like to move them around with the row/colum parameters, it should work, but there could be some bugs that make it so you can't get them where you want. I plan on reworking how "import visualization" works next year, but for now using "2015 Visualization.lee" may be the best you can do.

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Loading the files does not cause a crash. Click anywhere in the screen where the grid is supposed to be and it crashes.


And Thanks for the help.

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Sorry, you did state that in the earlier posting. The mixing of row/column coordinates and "import visualization pair" doesn't seem to work well. I won't be able to fix that this year.


I would not use the "import visualization pair" approach in your visualization. I would either use  "2015 Visualization.lee" by itself "as is" or I would try putting all fixtures in appropriate props and give all props a row/column parameter. Using Props is a way of grouping your regular lights. And superstar will place a line on the sequencing grid between the props.

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