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Show looping 1 song and I don't want that :(


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I added 160 channels this year and added content to my sequences.  I only have 2 complete but I am running a show anyhow.  The issue is the show is looping the first song and of course never gets to the second song.  I built the show just like last year in show editor and then set it up in schedule editor.  I did this about 6 times to try to fix the issue..  No luck.   I also opened the song in sequence editor to make sure "loop" was not checked, and it was not.  Any help would be appreciated



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First off you can't select loops in a musical sequence, that's only available in animation sequences.


Are you sure both musical sequences are in the musical tab of the Show Editor?  If there is only one, then you need to add your second one.


Now if both are in there and only one is working, have you checked the window that shows what's going on when the show is running?    I had one sequence that I had moved the MP3 files, but missed updating this one sequence, the player window showed  me real fast, "media file can't be found" and skipped that sequence.   This is something that could be happening to you, the media file either can't be found or it's in the wrong format, the Show Player does not like MP3's that ARE NOT in CBR form, if VBR, it will skip the sequence and loop the one that works, but the show player window will stiil give you a media file error.  The MP3 should also be in 128Kbps, although I use 192Kbps with success, have been for 5 years now with no issues.


But that's what you want to check, it's usually a media file error, it may work and play in the Sequence Editor, but the Show Player will reject it if the file is not in CBR{Constant Bit Rate} vs VBR{Variable Bit Rate}.


You'll need a music editor to convert the MP3 file to the proper format the Show Player can read and use.  Audacity is what a lot of folks use here because it's a free program.  I don't know much about it because I use a commercial Music Editor program I've used for years, long before I got into LOR just 5 years ago.


Hope this may help resolve your issue.

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Thanks, both of these sequences ran last year, and both are in the show editor,  I just added more content whereas I added all those channels. .  I will check the log and hopefully that will expose something.  Thanks for the detailed information, I will check it all out. 

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