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Showtime central with 10 controllers but.....its not working.


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I have the showtime central. The past few years it has worked flawlessly. Perfect in fact. Each year i have added one to two controllers, this year we added four, bringing our total controllers count to ten. I am having a difficult time getting the last 5 controllers in my daisy chain to do anything. The first five work great, there seems to be a disconnect going on or i'm losing signal when it gets to the fifth controller.....Actually I don't know that for sure, just guessing. I have assigned two of the controllers unit id 01, then four of the controllers unit id 02, and four of the controllers unit id 03, last year this worked for us, even though the controllers are assigned the same id's they function great, just cloning essentially everything the first second or third controller is doing. I need some help figuring out why the other 5 units are not working in my daisy chain, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 208-760-9219   Bryan or smylie....I answer to both. Thanks!

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Are you assigning duplicate controller numbers as a power management measure? Did you check the HU to make sure you have it set to operate 10 or more controllers?

Just wondering, Z

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