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1st Timer Checking In


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Allow myself to introduce....myself. Long time lurker here checking in for my first post. I just wanted to provide a huge shout out and thank you to everyone on this message board. This is the first year of using LOR for my wife and I and we couldn't have done it without the help of the LOR community.


We decided 3 years ago that we wanted to eventually get into the hobby and set out a plan of 2 years of buying lights and working up a respectable static display first. Finally, this summer we took the leap and purchased a LOR Showtime Central system with 2 16 channel controllers.


It's been great watching the countless youtube videos and tutorials and reading the pages and pages of threads on this forum. Words cannot describe how great it was to finally get everything up and to watch that first show live. We are slowly uploading videos of our show, song by song every few days up until Christmas.


So, thanks to everyone again and if you're someone out there reading this who is thinking about getting into this rewarding hobby...do it!


Here are the videos we have up so far!









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I'm a newbie myself. I enjoyed your shows and appreciate the fact that you took your time to do it right. Thanks for sharing!




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