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Pixel tree stops reponding during show


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I am new this year to LOR and E1.31.  When I play the created sequences in Sequence Editor, everything plays they way it should for the entire sequence with the lights on.  This happens for all 9 of the created sequences.  When I play the show, the sequences will play, but I lose the network connection to the AlphaPix16V2 and the tree locks up.  The green light on the LAN ports stays lite, but the amber data transfer light just stops.  It has done this for every sequence, no given sequence or spot in a sequence causes the connection to drop.  I can unplug and plug the ethernet cable back in and it starts back up.  The E1.31 is set to Unicast with a static IP and a direct connection to the LAN port on the laptop.  I have turned off the power managment for the LAN port so it won't shut down.  I thought that the AlphaPix could be over heating so I opened the door on the box and it still lost the network connection.  The only thing I haven't tried is adding a router or switch between the laptop and AlphaPix.  Any ideas?  I have 2 LOR AC contollers running on the LOR USB485 adapter and 1 AplhaPix16 V2 running 12 pixel strips.  

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I do not run LOR hardware, however i have my E682 and my Komby sandwich running of a Ethernet hub. My 2 Renards and & minirens all run wireless from the komby. When i tried to run the E682 and the Komby off ports on my computer it caused a few issues. 


Does the alphapix use its own IP address? The E682 does and thats where i had issues. SO switching over to a hub might solve the problem. Again, i can not say for certain, but it sounds like the data transfer is getting froze up for some reason.

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