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setting discrete values in S4 Sequences


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I just upgraded to S4.  I have LOR controllers, a DMX-1000 and some E1.31 boards. 


One of my DMX modules needs a discrete values for configuration parameters.  Specifically either a 2 or a 3 in Channel 1. 


I'd like to run the Universe #200, Channel 1 in a background loop with 2 or 3 whenever a sequence is running but the sequence editor only appears to allow percentages.


Am I missing something?  Is there a way to assign discrete values in a sequence?




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I don't have a computer with me, but there is a setting to display values in DMX values. At least that was there in earlier versions. Can't say that I've ever looked in S4.

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OK, I now have a computer in front of me.


First step is to allow DMX intensities in Menu > Edit > Preferences > DMX Preferences > Allow DMX Editing


Then on Menu > Tools > DMX Intensity

You can set some presets and also a current DMX level.  It's a little convoluted in my opinion, but it workks.

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Thank you.  I was concentrating on the various LOR levels since that's what I was using for the LOR lights and the DMX 1000 lights.  Didn't even see the DMX Intensity (X key).

I'll continue further questions about DMX on the Sequence Editor Software forum


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