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Exporting For DMX with truest colors (group opinions please)


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Hey everyone!

I am confused as to what is the best settings for exporting when using DMX (San) controllers and non LOR (Ray strips).

Some say to use Raw colors.. Brian says not to,... Balanced versus full range? cool/warm white............

I would really appreciate some different opinions from those of you that are knowledgeable in DMX.


Thanks in advance,


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This is what I recommend, and it is the default settings when you download superstar and launch it for the first time


Raw Colors - Unselected.

If you select it, then the colors will look true in the Sequence Editor but not as good on the real lights. Everything will tend to be full on or full off. The smooth effects will not have smooth edges. This is true for any LED lights, regardless of if they are LOR, DMX, Ray Wu or whatever. It is the nature of LEDs. But I know there are many who swear by "raw colors" but when I use it, I lose the intermediate dim settings, and the smooth effects look bad because they lose most of their smooth edges.


Balanced - this is the default and is what I recommend

But Full Range will give true colors also. But Full Range is a little strange to work with because Green and Blue can go beyond 100 percent. Full Range only makes sense when used with "cool white". If you have "warm white" selected, the values above 100 will be lowered down to 100.


Choose "cool white" if your LEDs are "cool white".  Cool white LEDs will be a bluish white when Red, Green, and Blue are full on. The bluish white is a brighter harsher white.

Choose "warm white" if your LEDs are "warm white".  Warm white LEDs will look yellowish when next to cool white LEDs. They are a warmer white.


Most CCRs are "cool white". Most CCPs and CCBs are "warm white".  Non-LOR pixels can be "warm white" or "cool white"

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