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Is there a shortcut to adding channels to pre-existing sequences?


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For next year, I am going to add quite a few channels. I have seven or eight sequences from this year that I would like to use next year as well.

Some of the channels are going to be used for new display elements. For those I can just add a track to the exisiting sequences and pull the new channels into those and add them to the sequence in that fashion.

My question is about the channels I am adding to existing display elements. For example, I have an 18' z-tree in the display. This year, it was four sections with five colors in each section. For next season, I am going to take it to 12 sections with five colors each. Basically, splitting each section into thirds. While I will use all those sections in some parts of the show, in others, I would like to have the tree look the same as it did this year, just lighting all three of the new sections in place of the one from last year.

Do I just add all the new channels into one sequence, export the channel config, then import it into the others and cut and paste to the new channels(tree sections)? Is there an easier way to accomplish this?



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You can open up an existing sequence and right click on the channel column. Insert a single new channel or multiple channels as required.

Save the file, export the settings and import them into your existing sequences.

For new sequences, simply change your default number of channels to your new total.

Hope this helps.


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I just discoverd the Tools -> Channel Property Grid tonight... It shows the channels, spreadsheet style, and you can make changes, add and delete. Can't move around though...

I was hoping to create a new sequence with just the new stuff, then import it into a new track.. HOWEVER, I've just tried to Import Channel Configuration- and it ONLY does it ONE way- overwriting x number of channes in sequence... No more asking what to do with it...

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