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Can SE and PE both display in Visualizer


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Hi there. Need help. I was wondering if I'm trying the impossible. Is it possible to get a short test sequence made in SE and a short test sequence made in PE to both play at the same time in visualizer.  When i play back SE in Visualizer it works great. no issue there. and yes i see the PE props at the bottom of SE. So the PE info is there but not showing on visualizer. Now i am not sure if i have properly setup my channels on PE. I have the New E1.31 controller that was just released from LOR a few months ago with 16 pixel strings. I believe they are sold as 50 lights on the 25 ft string. So when i go into PE PREVIEW DESIGN of my mega tree my settings are as follows.


Settings on PE for mega tree

- The LIGHTS section


- lights set to  Pixel Curve

- RGB pixels is check ON

- Channel order = RGB


The Shape Area


- Sequence method is Pixel Editor

- Shape = Tree 360 wedges

- Actual# of strings = 16

- Exact # of RGB nodes /string = 50

- # of folds in each sting = 1


The Channel area



- Max Channel 512

- Separate Unit @/Univ for each RGB is checked ON


In the Visualizer properties for the mega tree

Mega Tree properties

Assigned channels..........

- Channel Type RGB is check ON

- Device is set to DMX

- Net/Univ = Unv 1

- Unit is blank

- Circ/Addr = 1


So what i am building is a mega tree with 16 strings folded over.

At present i have nothing hooked up to my laptop as i am just trying to see both SE and PE in the visualizer before hooking up all my controllers etc.



Steps i have done so far.

- read and read and watched tutorials till blue in the face. Maybe overloaded my brain. LOL

- Control lights in SE are on.

- i have saved in PE both Regular save and Intensity data save.

- control panel is running.


I don't know what else to do. Maybe i have to hook up dongles to get it to work. Any help would be great. At wits end and kinda regret buying this new controller. 


P.S Running Pro 4.3.2 software.

Windows 10


Thank you

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In visualizer are you using the tree wizard to build the prop? There's DMX settings (under type of channels bundles and fixture) there that'll make setting it up in visualizer easier then PE universe and channels just need to match that prop and all should be fine.

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