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We used the music that came with the controller last year...We want to do out own music this year, but not sure where to start...I see where I can get sequences already made, which I don't mind using, but I assume I have to purchase the music to go with it..once I do that how do I combine them ? I have do everything on my MAC, but have read I need to fire up my old Dell to work it...Can I download all of the sequences into some program and then add the music to the SD card to go into the controller or?? 


I really have no idea where to start...thank you ! 


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You have to use the SE, and LOR is all Windows based, so you'd need an emulator{I think that's what it's called} to run Windows on your MAC to use it.


You use the SE to create the sequence or load a downloaded one, if you create a new one, it will ask for the MP3 file you want to use, if you use a downloaded sequence, then it will probably state, "Media File Not Found or Missing", then in the SE you go to the toolbar and select Edit, in the drop down menu you select Media File, then you can go to where you downloaded the media file{MP3} and it will load into the downloaded sequence.


However, do note, some of the downloaded sequences you may acquire may use a "modified" copy of an original, it may be cut down from it's original length, have edits or cuts in the song where sometimes offensive language is removed to make it family friendly or a long song cut back from 5 minutes to a 2-1/2 minutes in length, just as examples.


I modify most, but not always all, of my MP3 files like this, so most original songs won't fit my sequence.   So sometimes you may have to ask for the customized version of the song from the original author of the sequence to send it you in a PM or via e-mail, because their version isn't for sale, only the original may be.  However, even if you use someones "customized" version, you should still own a purchased and legal copy of the original song if you plan on using their sequence and custom audio file{s} in your display.


And no, you can not just add the sequence and MP3 by copying to an SD Card, you have to use the HWU or SSB to build your show and then write it to the SD Card, the SE marries the MP3 to the the Sequence and then the HWU creates the show by creating special files only a director unit can read from the SD card.


You appear to need to learn more about the software and hardware that make this all work from your post,  since you've had this for a year, you really should be better versed by now in how this all comes together and where to start.


Now I'm not saying this to be mean or anything, just that you've had a year to learn all this from video tutorials, reading the manuals and using the software/hardware over the past year, but seems you haven't done much to actually learn to use what you have in the past year.


After my first display in 2010, Halloween, I was reading these forums, asking questions, and still learning how to use the software, all my hardware including an MP3 Showtime Director to run my shows.   I learned all the basics that you are now asking "how to do" in that first year.   And believe me it takes a lot of time and patience to use and do these displays, not to mention you are always learning new things you may not know or somehow overlooked, but you've got to do some work and learn yourself, so you can use your own style and techniques in your display, as each display is a collection of the sequencers abilities, and as your display grows, your sequencing also improves over each year{at least you'd hope it does!} LOL.


LOR is not like a Mr. Christmas music light show box, it's not plug it in or just copy files to an SD card and it works, again it takes a lot of work and a lot of learning, that first year of learning how it all works makes all the difference in the world.   Sadly, from what I gather from your post, you shelved your controllers and didn't touch any of this until now, which is a bit way too late to try and learn it at this time of year, because even if you downloaded my 2015 Christmas sequences, a downloaded sequence IS NOT going to match the items in your display exactly, you're still going to have to modify the sequence to match your channel count, number of controllers and reassign things in the sequence so everything would work in YOUR display.


So if I were you, instead of putting all your LOR stuff on a back shelf somewhere after the Christmas Season, keep it out, play with it through the coming year and learn to sequence songs yourself, download sequences and learn to change them to match what you have in your display.  Keep lights handy and plug them into your controllers and see that they actually do what you're expecting them to do.  Then you'll really be ready for the next year in 2016 to have your own custom made show.


Again, not saying this to be mean or anything like that, but it is the harsh reality of what we all do throughout the year to make our displays what they are and our own.   As I, as many others here do, we start working on our displays all year long, even right up to and during show times at times, when you have to make a tweak or a fix because something didn't go quite like you thought.  I'm already working on and planning my 2016 Halloween Display right now, as well as working a few more songs for my current 2015 Christmas Display, as well as for Christmas 2016.

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