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Pixlite and networking


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I have 2 Pixlite controllers from last year that worked great. Hooked them up this year and they were spot on. Woke up this morning and they won't work. My computer won't talk to them so I think its a networking issue. Does anyone have any ideas?


I have changed the computer, changed the network switch, checked to make sure they have power, ran all new cables to make sure there was not issure there, made sure the firewalls were all disabled. Take a look at the pictures and see if I have don anything wrong!


Thanks in advance.





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Here's a few easy questions:

I'm assuming that your PixLite controllers have addresses on the 192.168.0.nnn subnet? 

Is the switch showing the the ports for both PixLites and your computer active? 

Similarly, are the PixLites and computer showing connection on the LAN ports. 

Are both PixLites powered up?


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