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Unable to add a new track. I get an invalid file name error.

Greenlee Brittenum

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I am running version 4.2.10. A friend sent me a sequence he did in Superstar. I loaded it in Superstar and then exported it in Legacy format to sequence editor. When I went to sequence editor to add a track for my conventional LOR units I get the invalid file format error. I have done this same procedure with at least a dozen songs and this is the first one to give me an issue. I have tired saving it in sequence editor first then reopening and adding a track, but no luck.


Any ideas?

Oops before someone ask it is 4.2.10 Pro and I am licensed for 24 ccrs and am only using 12.

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Show player has been OK except for the log it runs about 45 minutes then gives a line of Chinese looking characters then quits logging.


I can live with that.  It is the invalid media name error that keeps me from adding a track that is really causing issues.

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What exactly does the error message say, in full, word for word? And when exactly does it happen (for example "it happens immediately after I click on such-and-such")?

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