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Chances of blowing a Triac?


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I have a 20' spiral tree already up that has white incandescent spirals (8 channels, 2 strands per channel) and then one channel with 16 green LED 100ct strands, and one channel with 16 red INCANDESCENT strands.


Here's the problem:  I used my Kill A Watt tool and found that each red incand strand is pulling .32 AMPS.  With 16 strands, that puts the total draw at 5.12 AMPS.  I was pretty sure I read that each triac/channel on the Residential LOR boxes is rated for 3 AMPS.  So, if the red channel on my tree is only for 10 seconds or less at a time, what are my chances of blowing a triac and losing the channel?


Since it's a spiral tree, it would be a HUGE PAIN to crank everything down and replace with red LEDs.  Any suggestions, that don't involve starting over with red LEDs?

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the 5.12 amps is for the total of 16 strings


if your only running one channel per string, thats .32 amps as you have shown, so that should be fine


are all 16 strings connected to one channel? 

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Check pg 23 of the manual for the gen 3 controllers, 8 amps per channel max if you have regular heat sinks which poses the million dollar question " do these things come equipped with heat sinks??? " Cause if they do then you're way below your limit and your triacs are safe!   http://www1.lightorama.com/Documents/CTB16PCg3_UserMan_Web.pdf

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