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Mega Trees Toppling in Oklahoma Ice Storm!


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Woke up to this:



and this:



This was all preceded with nice warm gusty weather I enjoyed while trying to get my mega tree put up Wednesday, which resulted in this:




Oooops.  Was only a couple of feet from getting it guyed.  Note to self:  Put guys on the lower part of that jump pole while you're erecting it in windy conditions.  Did get it up, but didn't get the lights set before the deluge began.  But it still looks better than all my other trees:




Gonna be at least a couple of days to dry out to get it finished.. :)








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As a radio guy, I could have told you to guy it as soon as you get the first part up.

I hope no one got hurt. Did it do any damage to the roof?

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I put my pole, over a sizeable stake that's pounded into the ground, to insure the base doesn't move. Seems to work quite well but the guide wires should do the trick too. I'm surprised the wind got it as there's little wind resistance to create that much force to rip out the guide-wire tie-downs. Maybe you should use the screw-in types? Yes, no matter how hard we try, nature will find a way to mess us up. I'm dealing with all the rain like so many and yes, its causing problems for me too.


Edit: Yes, I use guide wires on the top too out to screw-in stakes.

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dgrant, I think he mentioned he was a couple feet from attaching the guy wires, but not quite. (If I read that correctly)


Good thing there wasn't more damage done argulator.  :)


We got hit pretty hard too but the display is all good for tonight.  B)


I did loose a couple trees and many tree branches.  :angry:


That and power has been going on and off all morning/afternoon. Could be worse though. No power for days would not be good.

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