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$50 off $100 in Christmas Lights at Target


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Today only. Get $50 off a $100 Christmas Light purchase at Target. Works in store and online. You can also make multiple transactions. 


I know a lot of people are not fans of big box store lights, but I've have the same 4,800 Philips C6 LED's on my mega tree for the last 5 years with very little repairs. 

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I can't complain about the Big Box Store LED's either, I have many sets now going on their 10+ years of service.  Occasionally I've had to replace an LED or cut out a bad socket and add a new one, but it's been rare in all the time I've been using them.  Had a couple of sealed strands I got, and they failed in a very short time, multiple LED's burned out or string went out completely.


Me, I'll stick with the BB Stores, I much prefer the ease of removing a bad LED and inserting another, than having to cut, splice and solder every time a LED goes out in a sealed string, which isn't always possible after the strand is hung!  Give me replaceable LED's anytime!

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