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Hello everyone,

  My name is Joe and I am new to this forum.  I have researched information about adding projectors to ones show but after hours of reading forums I still can not seem to find the answer that works for my issue.  To start off this is my first year doing a show and it is coming out very well.  I have 3 LOR Controllers (48 channels) and now looking to add a projection screen for video.  I have already added the media files and sequenced them so the video works fine with LOR.  The issue I am having is I would like to keep a few songs with no video and everytime the there is no video my desktop is displayed on the projection screen.  Now like I said, I have read forums saying add a new desktop which is blacked out, but this doesnt work because the 2nd desktop is not able to be different than the first ( I have tried many times lol).  Anyone else having this issue? Anyone able to figure it out ?  I am trying to set this up ASAP due to our show starting Dec. 4th.  We are trying to raise money this year for St. Judes Children Hospital.  Thank you everyone in advance for your time and feedback I look forward to hearing from anyone and everyone. Happy Holidays!!!

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Joe, welcome to the forum.

It sounds like you need to select a second monitor. When you do, you will choose the option to extend. Then in LOR video preferences, select full screen and it will give you simple steps to select the second monitor. You are right, both desktops will be the same back ground (probably a way to separate them, I don't know it)


Now with me, I have selected a black desktop and all my icons/shortcuts are still there but the second monitor does not show the icons. so both screens (desktops) have the same background (black) but only the first has the icons, the second is dark and that is what I selected in LOR video preferences. This I have done with Windows 8.1 and 10. I do not know the results of earlier windows versions.


Good luck, St. Jude is a noble cause.

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