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Wondering if anyone has any interesting/fun intros they would be willing to share besides THX and griswold...always have a party to reveal lights to friends and want something new to start it off!

Thanks in advance


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I did one a few years ago, but I ended up deleting it and the audio in short order after using it about 3-4 nights.   Thought I'd kind of play a joke on the viewers when it started, but some folks took it I was serious and left before the announcement completed.


Went something like this:


Short Christmas tune playing in the background, voice over starts a few seconds into the instrumental music, "Thank you for coming,  hope you enjoy the animated musical light display, but don't blink or you may miss it", then I'd have a string or two of lights come on and go off in a very short time, {pause for about 1-2 seconds} then the voice over would start up and ask, "Did you see it?, No?  Here let me do it one more time", repeat lights coming on for a very short burst, {1-2 second pause}, "Hope you saw it that time." Then the voice over would say: "Hope you enjoyed the show!"   {short pause of about 3 seconds}, then voice over: "JUST KIDDING folks, the real show will start in just a moment.".


Had folks driving off before the just kidding part of the announcement came on.   Won't ever do that again. ROFL


May work for a "captive" audience like family or friends specifically invited over to watch, just not for other visitors, but after that experience with it, opted to delete the voice over audio and sequence and vow never to do that again!  Lesson learned. ROFLMAO

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