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Simple Show Builder - There were no events found.


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Merry Christmas, Y'all. Have been working on a lag problem with my new 12 CCR Tree. I have some sequences that I have loaded and played successfully using the LOR Simple Show Builder. Now, when trying to make a new SD Card, on a few I am getting the error message "There were no events found." Not sure what I did to mess this up, but am open to suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help. Will do another post on the lag challenge. 

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The "No events found" issue has been resolved. 


Simple Show Builder (SSB) only recognizes one network, I had gone to a second network (AUX A) for my 12 CCR Tree to address the lag problem. The shows I attempted to build with only CCR Tree files were defined to the AUX A network and not seen by SSB, thus "no events found."


Chasing the issue, I used the Hardware Utility (HU)  to build a show. HU allowed the second network to be used and set at 500K and enhanced. I was able to export the files from SuperStar using Intensity rather than Legacy, helping the lag issue. 


End results, show built successfully to the SD Card and runs great with no lag. Yeah! 

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