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Unfortunate Save Bug


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I found an unfortunate bug today. I was on converting a 12 CCR sequence to a 4 CCR sequence. When doing this it displays the additional 8 CCR data off to the side of the grid and there is no way to clear it. Not a big problem though. To clear it after it get to hard to see is you save your work, open a different file, then reopen the file you were working on. Now comes the bug part. I had done this several times without an issue, but apparently if you working in a file (CCR 1), and you open a different file (CCR 2) and you click the open file icon before the file (CCR 2) has completely loaded it will overwrite the CCR 1 data with the CCR 2 data and make it a permanent change even if you don't save it. Luckily it was only a few hours of work lost and not days, but it should probably be looked at for next years version.

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