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strange problem


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okey i am using a G3-MP3. i have built shows for halloween and all songs play now i am building a show for Christmas and one song 

Train shake it up starts playing and about 15 seconeds into the song it just quits and jumps right into the next song. i tried using two different version of the sequence and it does the same. So i created a new sequence copy and pasted it all back together. it still does the same.  If i play it on my sequence editor the whole song plays if i play it through my computer the whole song plays . only on my G3 does this exist and only with this one song.   Any sugestions i now this is a busy day and a created a new show without this song for now but my wife loves this song and i want it back in the show




  thank you 



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I would

1) Make sure it's 128k audio. Maybe convert it again, even if it's 128k.

2) Run the verifier on that sequence, just to be sure it's okay.

3) Check the firmware version on your director.

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