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Is SS Working Correctly? Using 4.2.10


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I am new to SS.  I just want to use it to get a few sections of my songs done for arches and chaser trees.  I have having so many problems that I wonder if it is a design flaw, bugs in the program or just my newby lack of understanding.  I have watched the tutorial videos many times.


1)  I tried to Import a Visualization pair, but there is no SAVE button, just a CANCEL button. 

2) After changing the TCM's a few time, in attempts to get an affect that I like, I start to notice that absolutely nothing is changing between the different changes made to the TCM's or the Timing Grid.   It plays the exact same created sequence over and over again.  I can select NONE for all 'Row Assignments to TCM', 'Clear All Without Saving', 'Sequence All', then 'Play/Stop All', and the stuck sequence still continues to be played.    I have to completely close SS and reopen, in order to get a brand new Sequence created.


I have attached an image that hopefully shows my issues.  My chaser trees are at the very top of the rows, Row 8, and there are 3 trees in Row 1.  I wanted to create a Sequence for the Chaser Trees, but selected Row 1 instead of Row 8.  When I corrected it, and selected Row 8, then went through the process of 'Clear All Without Saving', 'Sequence All', then 'Play/Stop All', only the Row 1 is playing.  If I close the program completely and restart, then I will be able to Sequence Row 8.



(Please see attached image)


3) I have created 8 rows, trying to break out my channels more.  Only 6 channels are available to edit in the Timing Grid.  Is this because I only purchased a 2 CCR license?  That doesn't make sense, if that is the case. 



4) I would like to sequence my chaser trees based on pitch, not frequency...like a piano.  The Timing Grid 'implies' that this is possible because of the image of the piano keys on the right side of the Timing Grid Box.  Is this possible?  I imported the Visualization file and selected VERTICAL, thinking I could break up the trees into different vertical rows, but all it did was draw the green lines horizontally again and all chaser trees are still in the same horizontal row. 


I anyone can help me, I would appreciate it.  All I want to do is get a few good sequences for my chaser trees and Arches. 


Thank you,




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It would be best for me to remote into your computer and see exactly what is happening. Send me an email at brian@superstarlights.com

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