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Jerkyness in one sequence


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I have a strange problem. I run a fairly large show with 15 LOR controllers, 10 CCR controllers, and a lot of RGB pixels running on 2 separate Ethernet networks (Total of 38,490 channels and 55.998 lights). I am using V 4.3.2 Pro. The entire show, consisting of 11 musical segments (files) runs great. Everything is smooth as silk. With one exception.


I have one sequence (and only one) that runs in a very jerky manner. The RGB effects, sequenced in PE have momentary pauses in them all of the way thru this sequence (not just in one part of it). This only effects the RGB channels, not the LOR channels. This particular file is one of my least complex sequences. I do not believe that the problem is with the two Ethernet networks, since they run more complex sequences with no problem. Also, I don't think that the problem is with the complexity of the PE effects used, since I save all effects and use them in other sequences, with no problems.


The problem sequence is new this year, not converted over from a previous year. When I built the sequence, I imported my "standard" configuration into SE and I am using the same review file in PE that I use in the other sequences. I have even gone in and replaced the effects used with newly saved effects, an of course, have regenerated the intensity data. I note that the sequence plays fine in PE's preview window.


I am at a loss as to the cause of this issue and hope that someone might have a good suggestion or two concerning the possible causes(s) of this problem.


Thanks in advance and Happy Thanksgiving to all. The show goes live tonight!


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