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I have 5 contollers, 2 are from last year and 3 new units   They are CTB16PCg3 units.  I had to reset unit 2 and now that i have done that all my controllers are unit 1?  I have tried over and over to figure out how to set the controllers and cannot get past unit 1.  I go to the light o rama site and click on "set contollers" and it does not ope up a help topic?????  How do I set these contollers to 2,3,4,5?


When I go to "select unit to configure" it finds contoller 1 but once I hook the CAT 5 cable to the next controller and click the "selec t unit to configure it does not find controller 2.  


What am I doing wrong?  Where can I find help with this that will work?  This little yellow booklet does not provide help with connecting more than one controller.



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Like others have stated, you have to address them separately, cat5 from USB485 to first controller, set ID, remove cat5 and connect to next controller to set ID to 02, repeat for each controller until you have them reset with the new ID you want them to have.  Plus your license level has to support the number of controllers you're using, if not, the HWU WILL NOT see the additional controllers, even if the ID is correct.   Example Basic only supports 2 controllers, you add controller #03, the HWU won't see any more than 2.  At least that's how it appears to work when i first started into this hobby.


Even though your HWU is showing one controller found, it is reading ALL of your controllers as the same ID, hence ONE controller.  This is actually quite handy if you have a display where you need a second controller to mimic another one.  For example the right side and left side of your display would contain the same elements and you want a second controller to mimic the first, you can set both those controller ID's to the same ID, 01 for example, but when you refresh the HWU, and you have say 5 controllers, it will only show 4, because the two that share the same ID are viewed as a SINGLE controller.

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