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Converting "You Can Modify" Sequences for New Equipment


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I have been using LOR "You Can Modify" Sequences for a few years in a "plug and play" style residential configuration of 3 LOR Residential Controllers.  I added some new equipment and want to convert all of my existing sequences to match in with the new equipment, but the Sequence Editor is simply kicking my tail.  I've managed to do some of the changes, but I've spent about 3 days on one song and I still can't seem to get it right. My new configuration is:


Showtime (mDC-MP3); CMB24D (Unit ID 01), LOR 1 (Unit ID 02), LOR 2 (Unit ID 03), LOR 3 (Unit ID 04), CCR 1 (Unit 05), CCR 2 (Unit 06), CCR 3 (Unit 07), CCR 4 (Unit 08).


I have 10 songs that I would like to get converted.


Any assistance would be helpful

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