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CCR tree only playing strips 1-6


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I have having a few problems with vizualiser.


I have set up and exported a superstar sequence into sequence editor for a 12 CCR Tree and a 20x10 matrix.


I have exported these in two separate .lms files, as I then need to import them into Pixel editor.


I have thoroughly checked all my channels in Sequence Editor and Visualiser.  They are all correct and matching, however when I go to play the .lms file for the 12 CCR tree, visualiser only plays Strands 1-6 play - therefore only showing half of my 12 CCR Tree.  They play correctly in Pixel Editor when set up the same.


Also I have imported the 12 CCR tree, the matrix and also completed a house outline in Pixel Editor.  However when I export all via the special file into Sequence editor and try to play it through visualizer, it only plays the matrix and 1/2 the CCR tree.  Not the other half or the roof outline.


I have lightorama Control Panel going.  I am also having the same problem playing last years file, however when it plays on the tree it's fine.


Whats going on here?

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