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Copy and Paste issues


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I am following the simple copy and paste tutorials...


An example:


I select/highlight channels 2-9.


I right click to "select rows." This selects the rows for the entire duration of the song.


When I try to right click and "copy," I do not have that option.


I'm stumped.  Any opinions?





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I just tried exactly what you said, and it worked perfectly.  The copy option is two below the "select rows" after right clicking.  After selecting the entire row or rows, you should also be able to use the control key combination - <CTRL-C> to copy, or use the copy button on the tool icons (two to the right of the save icon), or the copy command on the edit menu.


I'm doing this on version 4.3.2 on a Windows 7 PC - although this has not ever changed that I remember since I started with 2.9.4.

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