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Hi all.

Newbie with no LOR this year but I am planning early for next year. I have seen lights to music holiday lights in the past but last year was an exception. I saw my first house with smart RGB strips outlining the roof line (what caught my eye to drive by). It was amazing to see the colors chase and fade back and forth across the strips more so then the leaping arches over the driveway and the mega tree in the yard. After that I was searching the internet for how to control RGB lights and saw computer control of them but now how to control them to music until I ran across the LOR site. Then I saw videos online this year of Halloween. That was it. I am a huge fan of Halloween  and my wife is Christmas. What better way to "sell" the idea of lights to music the to be able to use them for multiple holidays....So that is my plan to come up with a light show that I can use for multiple holidays. This year will still be my boring static lights (icicle lights on the gutters, 4' green wreath with white lights, 10' long needle pine with C-7 LED strings, and a blow mold snowman). Next year I hope to have some smart RGB!!!



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Welcome to the addiction Kyle.  You are right to start planning for 2016 now, and not even try something this year.  Almost everything I have in the yard is RGB so part of Christmas gets set up in October and is used for Halloween, and it's just sequencing to use the same lights for Christmas.  In my case, I have landscape lighting up all year so in addition to the year round lighting, the yard is various colors, for:  Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, Autism awareness day, Independence Day, and then a semi show for Halloween and full show for Christmas.


Do lots of reading on the various forums and don't be afraid to ask questions.

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Load up on LED's, minis and X-cords in the after Xmas sales :)


LOR summer sale is a good time to buy.

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If you get the chance, I strongly encourage you to stop by Frank Picozzi's display in Warwick.  Frank is a master at sequencing the lights to music.




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