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Adding CMB24D and CCR to Existing Sequences


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I have a few questions ... First, I have upgraded my display and its hardware this year for Christmas. The last years I have had 3 Residential LOR controller.  This year, I have added 1 CMB24D (Dumb RGBs), one more Residential LOR, and 4 CCRs.


I am using S4 Software and SuperStar; all of the hardware is connected in the following order using cat5: 


Showtime (mDC-MP3); CMB24D (Unit ID 01), LOR 1 (Unit ID 02), LOR 2 (Unit ID 03), LOR 3 (Unit ID 04), LOR 4 (Unit ID 05), CCR 1 (Unit 06), CCR 2 (Unit 07), CCR 3 (Unit 08), CCR 4 (Unit 09).


Everything seems to be working, except the CMB24D.  My assumption is this is happening because my sequences are set for only the original standard LOR and I need to add the CMB24D into the sequences.  Here's my challenge, when I try to add controllers, I haven't a clue what to select from the pull down menues in the Sequence Editor software - Channel Configuration - Add Controller to add the new controllers.  The LOR Residential Controllers are pretty obvious, but what about the others? 


Are they BSOFT Digital Cards? DMX Universe?


I am assuming that if I add the controllers, I can change my sequences to to use them. In regards to my sequences, I am using Ready Made Sequences (the editable kind) and I have figured out how to add more standard controllers and actions ... I just have to get the CMB24D and CCRs in there.


Thanks in advance,


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At the bottom of the channel list, right click and select "Add Device", select the device type of LOR, then the ID number and etc.

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Once you get the new hardware setup the way you wish it in the channel list, make sure you go to the Edit pulldown, then export the hardware setup to a file that you can use to import to other sequences.

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