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SuperStar smooth effects bleed over


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I have a 12 ccr mega tree beside my house and rgb wreaths and garland on my house. I had it where when the mega tree did a spiral effect or a shock wave then it bleed over to the house which i liked but when i upgraded to s4 it took it away now only shows on my mega tree. I cant even create a smooth effect on the wreaths or garland now . what am i missing?

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I had my sequences set to bleed over on purpose then I updated to S4 and they all stopped. Is there an easier way than going to each sequence and correcting each smooth sequence?

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The default for smooth effects should be "no clip". I intended for it not to change behavior for cases like yours. But I just tested it and it looks like when it is set to "no clip" it clips to the matrix in the visualization. Sorry about that, I didn't intend for it to do that.


But what you can do, is go to you first smooth effect and put the cursor there. The click on the Edit menu and do "select all right". The smooth effects dialog box should pop up if the first effect in the selection is a smooth effect. Now click on "manual clip" and define the clip rectangle to be the entire grid. Click on "Group Modify" and select Ok and all the smooth effects should now have the entire sequencing grid as the clip rectangle.

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