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First attempt with Sequence Editor ... FAIURE!


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So I have 8 spot lights - Controller 01 - Circuits 01-08.

I want to make an animation not a musical sequence so I figured I must use the Sequence Editor.

I created a new one 1:00 in length with timings space at 0:15 as I want to change lights every 15-seconds.


I want to fade up the red and green spots on circuits 01 and 06 for 15 second then back down for 15-seconds twice for a total of the full minute.


I clicked in the block representing the first 15-seconds of circuit 01 with the fade up icon selected and it filled it with a gradual fade up of color......and I did this for the rest of the sequence.


When I play it back the lights simply do not come on at all.


Have I missed a step? Misunderstood something? I have read and reread the "instructions" and feel I am doing it as it says.


By the way...the same spotlights do play when in a musical sequence created in SuperStar.

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It was the Channel Configuration...........took me a minute to figure out how...but I had Controller 01 on the wrong Network and hadn't had the issue because SuperStar used the Network Configuration instead of the Channel Configuration!!!!



Thanks anyway!

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