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I had found a post on here before (at least I think it was this forum) about using scrolling signs to display the song and radio staion information.  The post talked about different signs and how to get it to work.  I have searched here and other forums and can't seem to find the post that I remember.  Any help or advice on scrolling signs would be much appreciated.



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would have to set up CCR or pixel strings to do it. That's a lot of $$ for a tune in sign unless part of your main display.

I just have a regular sign with some lights on it.

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  • 8 months later...

I have thought about using a flat screen tv also. A couple ideas I have  using a flat screen tv is to connect it to my computer. 

You can use power point, make your presentation there and add pictures, words and letters such as tune to etc.

Can include short cuts from Christmas movies, you can include Basic rules such as please dont block the neighbors drives, be considerate of others etc..can be included and winter/ Christmas pictures etc. and them just run it on a loop announcing the start up of your show, times, etc.  you can also make your power point into a video using the free windows movie maker etc.  

There are a lot of possibilities using a flat screen and all you will need is to run it off your computer (connect it as a 2nd monitor) or a video player in a loop or timer etc. 

If you want to mount it outside just enclose it in a clear plexi glass front with cover to keep the rain, snow, etc. out of it. You dont really need to enclose the bottom if it is not setting on the ground so it still has air circulation so it doesn't get to hot.


I was thinking about possibly mounting mine in a tree or on about a 10 to 12 ft tall pole like a north pole to help with stopping vandalism, theft etc. decorate the pole as a north pole and maybe even put a camera on it or in view and announce you video reactions etc. of people and for security... even if the camera doesn't work it can help prevent theft etc.

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Any thoughts on how the TV would be controlled? Some way of timing it to your music? Or is it just running a loop?

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It's pretty simple to use a video and use it in a LOR sequence ,you make a video than add the music you want to use in your sequence to the video now when you create your sequence when it asks for media ( music) you select the song with the video attached now it will be playing with the sequence

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just like Dennis said or you can run it as a scrolling sign with tune to listed on it, show days and times listed on it etc. you can run it as a power point display on a loop or make a movie out of it... there are many many different ways to run it... a timer. or run it as a LOR channel but that would be using up a channel that can be used for your display.. as for mine... I dont tie it to my show unless I am showing a cartoon or something for the kids between shows.. like an intermission that movies use to have years ago.. as I do usually have 2 different shows.. one more for younger kids with kiddie songs and music more Christmas like for them and a later one more rock etc. for the older bunch..

Maybe connected to your computer... maybe on a timer... maybe connected to a video player and run a video loop that you make etc... you can use your own imagination as to how you want to run it.

 Maybe have a Christmas cartoon running on it or Christmas movie mixed with show times, with or without sound thats all your choice.. you can connect it to a video and music in your show...

Its something you need to figure out what and how you want to do it. I will just run mine as a loop using power point Christmas themes etc. announcing show times, Basic rules to help keep the neighbors happy,  such as keep your music turned down, dont block drive ways, let neighbors in and out, dim your head lights, etc. rules for watching your kids or If Kids are getting into my yard etc... and that the show will be stopped for safety violations or complaints from neighbors concerning RUDE PEOPLE..  also announcement that there is HIGH VOLTAGE and DANGER TO HEALTH in my yard etc... 

I May hurt some peoples feelings but after all it is my show and they are getting to watch for free so OBEY the rules or it will be stopped.

I also let them know that My entire display area is under VIDEO RECORDING SURVEYLANCE 24 HOURS A DAY and Vandals WILL BE PROSECUTED..

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