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Backing up your data


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Do you use a computer? Do you do so without any sort of backup solution? (Because hard drives never crash on you, right?)


It's not a matter of *if* you'll have a computer failure, it's a matter of *when.* You've seen the threads here on the forums where people come looking for sequences at the last minute because their hard drive crashed and they lost everything. If you stop and think about it, they lost more than LOR sequences. They probably lost documents, pictures and other information that will be hard to replace.


However, you have the power to change this. How? Backup your data!


Allow me to introduce you to Acronis Cloud backup. You can backup locally, or as the name implies, to the cloud. Plus, Acronis Cloud will also backup data from your smartphone or tablet, if you would like it to.


Right now Acronis is having a 50% off sale. Get more information about Acronis, and purchase here: backupoffer.lorfaq.com - The sale is scheduled to end on 12/8, so don't wait too long or else you could end up paying more. (Either for the software, or data recovery services should your hardware fail without it backed up.)


Already have Acronis? You can upgrade to the new version here as well.



This is appearing the Vendor Marketplace due to the fact that I, Synchronized Christmas, participate in the affiliate program. This means I would receive financial compensation from your purchase.

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And computer crashes are only part of the problem. Viruses like Ransom Ware CTB-Locker is going around. They encrypt your files and you pay to have them back. Very nasty stuff and can not big fixed without paying the ransom.


Voltage spikes can damage computers making retrieving files impossible.


So as Don mentioned. BACK!!! UP!!! YOUR!!! DATA!!!

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