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Live Audio Input and/or SDK


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Hey guys,


We recently got a CTB16PC into the office for a project and are looking to setup a holiday lighting system controlled by live music (in this case a spotify playlist). Our (very limited) understanding is that the bundled software is great at dealing with preset sequences setup to an mp3 but that their isn't support for monitoring an audio input. We've been doing some research but we can't seem to track down any examples of someone rigging up live audio input (maybe we're not looking hard enough). This seems like a shot in the dark but we're looking for any kind of SDK or information about the message structure that we could potentially recreate and send over the COM port to control our setup. Wasn't sure if this was possible without switching over to some kind of DMX setup but stumbled across LORVis (http://www.nopotatos.com/LORVis/) which looks to be something similar. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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