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RGB in Visualizer not working in S4


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Started programming for the holidays with LOR S3 (Advanced) and the LOR Seq Editor and Visualizer were all working perfectly.  Renewal my LOR license to S4 and the Visualizer is simulating the single color lights as before but the simulator is not displaying the RGB lights.  Any ideas on how the get the RGB  working in the Visualizer simulation mode? 


Computer operating system is Windows 10.

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I just upgraded to S4 as well from 3.11.2 and the Visualizer has gone all wonky.  Nothing has changed with my config, but anything DMX related has stopped functioning in it (DMX strips, bulbs, various props).  Everything LOR related continues to work fine (CCRs, etc).  I had to open a ticket, because I'm stumped.

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Of course!  Moments after I posted this, I found my answer.  You have to run the control panel and comm listener now, else it will not work.  Running the CP/listener fixed the issue for me.  Guess I can go close my ticket.  :rolleyes:

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