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Will SS export a non LOR arch to the S3? I have been using SS in demo mode, so I'm not sure if it will work. I'm wanting to purchase the license for the software, because it does a great job, but only if it'll work.


Also, since it is not a CCR, does it make a difference when it asks for the unit #? Due to it doesn't use a unit ID. This is the only item that is not LOR.



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In the latest version (4.2.10) there is an option in the Configuration dialog box to Export in DMX. Here are some instructions:


Using DMX Pixel Strings
If you have the Light-O-Rama S4 v4.2.6 or newer
It is recommended that you stay in CCR mode and use the DMX option as follows:
1) Launch SuperStar
2) Click on the Tools menu and select “Configuration”
3) In the “Cosmic Color Ribbons” section, select “DMX”
4) Set the Universe and Channel of the first channel of the first ribbon
5) Select one of the three options:
  A - Tightly Packed (Use all channels in each Universe
  B - Semi-Packed (Even number of Ribbons per Universe
  C - Not Packed (One ribbon per universe)
6) Set “Number of DMX Pixels (10-170)” For example, if your ribbons have 150 pixels, set 150
7) Click on “Ok”
8) Click on the File menu and select “Export to Sequence Editor”
SuperStar will also support DMX if you make a visualization in the visualizer and then import the visualization into SuperStar. When using an imported visualization superstar gets the DMX information from the visualization. So in the visualization you want to define the arches as DMX and assign the DMX addressing to the arch fixtures. 
To import a visualization in superstar you click on the File menu and select "Import Visualization"
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