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control panel not working


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trying to test my signing faces, I did it just through the sequence and control lights function, but there is major lag. so I figured well lets just schedule a show and see if its better, I go the schedule editor and make the showand then try to open  control panel and get the following erroe trying to open it : ERROR IN FORM_UNLOAD: (91) OBJECT VARIABLE OR WITH BLOCK VARIABLE NOT SET"  does anyone know how to resovle this or what this means

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What version of LOR are you using?


Could you please send me (bob@lightorama.com) a copy of the output of the LOR Diagnostic program?

ill have to look at the version and get the diagnostic when I get back home wendesday evening.
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I got it working. Something with my computer. The LOR bulb icon wasn't there so I was trying to go through the "app" page on windows 8. Restarted and updated computer and the bulb reappeared

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