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problems for a new comer!

john bev

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Hi there, i got my set up last year and left it in the to hard basket! I am not comp.savvy but thought i was doing pretty well with everything. I have a 48 channel set up and have spent the last month sequencing 3 songs. When i tried the show builder it tells me my files are not an mp3 file. Is there anything i have not done to finalize the sequences? can i convert the files to mp3? do i have to start over? hopefully some one has an easy answer for me as i really don't want to start over. It looks really good on the visualizer and i hope to see it on my house.......please help. 

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Are you using a "Director" to run the show from or using a computer? I know nothing about the directors but you should be able to use many flavors of music formats in the sequence editor.  Use the Show Editor to create your show, then use the Show Scheduler to run it when the time come to go live. If for any reason you "must" have MP3 music, download Audacity for free but make sure its their official download site as others are possibly infected. Audacity will convert for you. Also insure when you convert, they are CBR (Constant Bit Rate) and not VBR (Variable Bit Rate).

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Using the show builder, use Audacity to covert your file to an .mp3  This is a simple 'Export Audio' command.  Under the options, make sure the .mp3 is set to 128 bit.


Audacity is a free download.  If you need help, PM me and I can convert the file for you. 


It should not change anything you have programmed.

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