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Amp draw per string question


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I'm stuck at work for the next 4 hours and I stumbled upon this awesome controller calculator spreadsheet. http://www.quartzhillchristmas.com/12.html


I'd like to populate it while I'm here but I can't seem to find good amp draw per string data to get started.


The majority of my lights are from HLE and are all 100ct.


I need to know amp draw per string for 100ct LED C6 and 100ct LED M6.


I know I can just look on a tag when I get home but if someone knows then it'll save me time and I can get started here. Thanks in advance!



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Look at the bottom of the xl file, there is a tab marked Light Inventory Manager, it gives the per string info, but in each controller there are drop down boxes that have all that info. If there is no C6 info, use the C7 it's close enough. But in using LED's, you really don't need to worry about the amps, they draw such little power.

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