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Toby Mac-Christmas This Year


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Toby Mac Christmas This is Year is finally finished and must say it is one wicked sequence 

Here is the 16 Ribbon Video but it is available in 12 or 16 Ribbon








Well I know so many have asked for the singing Trees to this song and I will get to them this coming week most likely be done with the singing Trees on Tuesday. OK so I just jumped on doing the Singing Christmas Trees and they are done now

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OMG. I just watched this on a phone and rushing home to buy it now. I can program this in the show tonight. Great Job Guys!! This is a must have. Wish I could do this good sequencing.

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Thanks Jeff!

This sequence is the result of a lot of hard work by Dave and myself. It was fun collaborating with Dave to make this sequence turn out as amazing as it did.



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Thank you Jeff! A special thank you to Chris for helping me complete this. Also a thank you to Robert for his patience during this time. Thank you :-)

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Welcome back my friend Dave. Great job on the sequence for sure. Bought my copy and sequencing it now.. Its a got to have sequence for sure.

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