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An oddity I can't explain.....


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I have sequenced about 40 songs for my Christmas Show.... all work beautifully ...


and there is always a BUT in these posts......

on 3 of the sequences one of my 5 arches (the same one in every case) simply does not light up - AT ALL. That arch works just fine in all the remaining sequences.


All of the songs were sequenced using the same visualization file, so it would imply the problem lies elsewhere....but I really just don't know what to think.


For one of them I opened it in SS and copied all and pasted it into a new, blank sequence instance after first re-importing the visualization file to that instance.... it still doesn't play the one arch.


I ran the verifier on one of the sequences, too. All I got was warnings about channels that were never accessed during that song...no errors.


I am completely at a loss as to what to look at next.

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Open up a few of the channels on the offending sequences and verify that the channels / network are correct.

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suggest on a copy of one of the songs that is an issue, change the controller number to some other number for that arch only, save then re-open and change back to the correct controller number and save.  see if this corrects it,

or from one of the good sequences export to a NEW configuration file,  then open the problem file and import the new configuration file.  

You can look at a setup 40 times in a row and still miss a very plane issue (well I can and have, maybe not you?).  At any rate this will  eliminate an assignment issue (even though the other work well).

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It uses the Visualization File not the Configuration File in Super Star Sequencer....so I can't save the Configuration File as you suggest I don't think.


And it is the same visualization file on all of the sequences....so I don't think they could be wrong on one and not another.

But I did reimport the visualization into it and it now it works! THANKS!


So I must have had an error in the visualization file at the time I created that sequence and just didn't know it.


THANKS for the suggestions..

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The one song may not hit the required frequencies to trigger the arch. Just a thought as I have had similar issues and had to make adjustments to the frequency assignments in the timing map.

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