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24X25 Tree 8 Row Globe work correctly

Dennis Heydt

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I purchased the Carol Of The Bells sequence and I am in the process of setting up Carol Of The Bells 24X25 Tree 8 Row Globe, but cannot get it to look like your video.  I have set up my controllers as follows for the CCR lights:


Tree Controllers:


Controller 1   01-02

Controller 2:  03-04

Controller 3:  05-06

Controller 4:  07-08

Controller 5:  09-0A

Controller 6:  0B-0C


Globe Controllers:


Ball Top Half:


Controller 7:  Top Top:  0D

                      Top Bottom: 0E


Ball Bottom Half:


Controller 8:  Bot Top:  0F

                      Bot Bottom:  10


I must have some settings incorrect because when I export to the sequence editor, it does not play the same as your picture/video.  I tried various settings in the layout box and configuration box before saving and exporting to the sequence editor. It looks ok, but not the same as your video. I do have a temporary tree set up in my garage.  I could send you a video through my iphone as to the results.  I'm sure you could tell me, by watching video as to what is wrong...

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The first things to check are:


1) The pixel closest to the controller is considered to be Pixel #1. Be sure you installed them that way into the globe


2) Using the hardware utility, turn on some pixels for unit ID 0D and confirm that it is the topmost string in the globe. Do the same for the other globe strings.


If it still doesn't play correctly let me know.

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