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Control the number of layers seen and their size


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I know you can do this because I have accidentally done it, but I can never seem to figure out how I did it in the first place.  How do you increase or decrease the number of layer seen, and enlarge the vertical height of the layers part of the display?  I can't find anything in the help.


As seen in the screen capture below, to the left of layers is a slider that lets you select the range of layers to be seen.  To the left of that is a Shrink and Enlarge label with a slider in between that would seem logical to control that, but it does not seem to do anything.  In the screen capture below, the 20 layers shown occupies about an inch on my 23 inch monitor set at 1080w x 1920h (portrait mode). Makes it very hard to select the desired layer.  With floating widows for the Sequencing Grid and Visualization and multiple monitors, there is no need to keep the layers so small.




And yes for those observant, I am running a beta version that Brian created while troubleshooting a bug I found.


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If everything is working right, when you set "shrink/enlarge" to be shrunk all the way as you have, it should display 40 layers. On your screen it is only displaying 20. It is behaving like you have a low resolution monitor. You mention that you have a 23 inch monitor and you are running 1080x1920 portrait mode. I am guessing the problem is happening because you are running in portrait mode. Does that mean that the long direction of your monitor is running vertical?


Also, you can click on the View menu and see what resolution superstar thinks you are running. You can click on one of the higher resolutions.

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I have two monitors on this computer.  The left hand monitor is a 22 inch LCD in landscape (wider than tall) and set for 1680 x 1050.  The right hand monitor is a 23 inch LCD in portrait (taller than wide) and set for 1080 x 1920.  If I run SuperStar Maximized on the left monitor and tell SuperStar to use 1680 x 1050, I do get all 40 layers, but the slider does not do anything.  This results in the 40 layers taking 1.75 inches on screen or a little over .043 inches per layer.  That's really small to grab.  If I move SuperStar over to the right monitor and Maximize it without changing anything else, I still have the 40 layers in now slightly less than 1.75 inches.  If I change the View menu item to reflect the 1080 x 1920 size, I get 25 layers in a little over an inch.  If I change the View menu to 1600 x 2400, I get all 40 layers in about 1.75 inches.


In none of these cases does the slider do anything.  However a few times I clicked on something and the vertical height became larger making each layer large enough to grab easily.

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