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Our Midnight show on Halloween night


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Here is the final song of our midnightspecial on Halloweennight 2015


Kiss - Detroit Rock City


Every year i start a show (incl. 3 Songs) in our backyard. 

The show is only for our friends celebrating the Halloweenparty in our house.

Much work for just a few minutes fun, but all of them loves it including mee and my wife :)


This year is the first time we run a show for the kids in our city.

(Monster Mash, Let it go (german version) and another german halloweensong)

In Austria is Halloween not so famous like in the USA, but because of our show and the completly housedekoration, it becomes more and more.

(at least in our place) 


I hope you enjoy the song, and leave a comment good or criticism.

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