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LOR1602Wg3-MP3 w/FM Transmitter


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Hi everyone!!  I've been doing lights around my house for a number of years with the big box store's "Christmas Light Shows" with a speaker but finally upgraded my system to the 1602-MP3 (waiting for it to arrive).  Due to the amount of extension cords required on one side of my house, I have to mount the controller outside but not sure what to do with the FM transmitter.  I was hoping to be able to put it in the controller box or in a weather-proof box next to it but was looking for suggestions.


I plan to use the 3.5mm cable out of the director and into the transmitter but just trying to design it for the outdoors in New England without causing a short or some other bad event.


Thanks for your help & guidance.

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Weather proof box is fine, there have also been other users that have hidden them in PVC pipe or other plastic depending on the location

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