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I have connected by pixels to a DMX to WS2811 converter, and a 12v to 5v voltage regulator. The DMX is coming from a LOR USB485 RS485 adapter and the converter is receiving DMX signal (Orange light which indicates "DMX Signal Present"). The pixels are 5v and there is solder across the "If PWR 5v jumper".


It was working the other day (Partly). Sometimes one of the pixels shimmers red very dimmly when I play one of my sequences.

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Usually when a pixel stays on (mainly red) when there is no call for on, it is generally over power. I would suspect that area first. I have not experienced an over power shimmer in red but I have experienced an over power problem where random red pixels stay on dim.

Hope that helps

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I just found the problem and it was grounding. The DMX to WS2811 converter has a bad solder join. As I was fiddelling with the connetions random pixels were going red. I read your post about power and checked the GND and 5v with my multimeter and pushing it down on the screws must have completed the connection because my snow ❄ animation started playing.

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