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Linking together 3 different controllers?


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I know that many controllers can be linked together with the ct16, but is that the same with the cmb24d? I'm thinking of buying another cmb24d with rgb ribbons (dumb). so I would like to link a ct16 with 2 cmb24d controllers, will that work fine? I know the 1st cmb24 controller will be connected via cat5 to the ct16, then will the 2nd cmb24d connect via cat5 from the 1st cmb24d controller?

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All of the actual LOR controllers can be connected together. Do not make the mistake though of thinking at any E1.31 controllers will tie into the same network as several will not. Those in fact will only run on a TCPIP network(Ethernet) using the identical same cables but are in fact wired totally different and use different ports. Can't stress it enough for all that read this, if you are running both LOR's buss and E1.31, carefully identify which is which for your cabling. Even though I should know better, setting up this year, I accidentally plugged an E1.31 controller to the LOR buss. Lucky for me, there was no power on anything otherwise I would have seen the magic smoke and a few unkind words to myself would have been spoken. When dealing with both types of communication, always, always, always, go back and check again. Color code, label, mark in some way so that you know which is which, BEFORE you turn on power.

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