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Hello again

big joe

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Hey everybody! Big Joe is up and running again for Christmas 2015!


Got 96 lor channels and 46 dmx channels this year.


Hope everybody has got their systems up and running, just have to get the show order figured out and a few odds and ends. talk again soon.         Big Joe



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We are all getting there slowly but surely. Today, second megatree to do, which each takes a whole day. Tomorrow...more things.

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Haven't started putting anything up yet :) Spent the last week learning how to use my new pixels string in software.

Have plenty of time. I don't usually light the full show until DEC 5.

Sun in florida will destroy lights if up to long. fades all the bulbs. And it's still too hot! supposed to get better this week.


48 CH's

3 - 100 CCP's

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Gee....can we have some turkey first???   ;)


Actually, I'm nowhere close.  Being my first year i'm still in the design phase.  Don't know if I'm going to do singing faces or not with my 32 channels.  The neighborhood contest isn't til Dec 12 so I have some time.

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Welcome Big Joe, from Gary in Phillips. First year, still putting things together.  I am about 70% done, looking forward to seeing my own show, 10 songs, things coming together very well.


Have a great holiday.


Gary N

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